Updated Technology.

As engineering and design technologies evolve, so do we. Our pursuit of excellence drives us to seek new information and explore these evolving technologies. Our latest acquisition will help us increase the speed and quality of our surveying.  

With the addition of the latest 3D laser scanner to our tool kit, CFI offers enhanced measurement and project modeling services. This advanced equipment allows us to acquire and deliver measurements for large-scale projects with exceptional accuracy, quickly. 

Our new 3D laser scanner captures and calculates vertical and horizontal angles and communicates the data necessary for precise 3D renderings, electronically to our network. Beyond the equipment, CFI’s engineering and design teams have been trained to use this technology both on-site and in the field. 

If you need 3D surveying, we can do it, right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  Call us at 304-428-2121 for more information and a timely quote.